The Jade Figurines

So, over the weekend (from Friday to late Sunday), I made a small beginning of a game, as an entry to the RPGDX competition. Now, 48 hours is a very short time for this, so I didn’t manage to complete the whole thing, but I did manage a very good start. There’s one short level, and the beginnings of a second, but I will continue to work on this, and make it into a full game :-)

If you want to try it you can download it here:

Download The Jade Figurines

Here’s some screenshots of the game, but they don’t really do it justice, so download it and give it a try instead :-)


Title screen – having to work fast means you can’t really be to particular with how things look..


The game starts in quite a generic setting – a dark forest. The sword at the bottom shows the direction you should move.


Simple "cutscenes" are indicated by black bars top and bottom.


There’s fighting too – though I’d really like to improve on it, it’s currently a bit rough as a result of the tight time frame.


Fighting can be difficult, and you can easily be knocked down. I didn’t have time to add a health bar, so you can’t die.


Decided to use a combination of text boxes and speech balloons for a comic book feel.


A shot from the second level, which takes place in town. This is the big scene where you get you mission…

I’d appreciate any feedback on the game as it stands so far – there’s lots of things I’d like to improve, and I have a lot of ideas for things to add, but it’s always good to get input from other people at an early stage…

There’s also a video of the game available, and some pictures of more characters for the game.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Add in stun. Allow the characters to block and stun your character. (But not much, he’s pretty big… he can still defend himself just not attack), and you can deflect and stun as they attack.That should make the combat more well rounded. Then have the bad guys go for cheap shots. (Like low ones you have to jump over… … I just realized… I have the sudden urge to turn this into a platformer. XD)Just a thought.

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