RetroBox – First Version Released!

If you have followed my entries on the RetroBox, you’re going to like this: the first version is officially released now, and you can download it here. Included is full source code and a simple assembler program which displays a couple of sprites and some colors on the screen, like this:


To use it, just drag and drop any RetroBox asm file onto it. When developing, you might want to run the _Debug version, and specify -window on the commandline as well as the name of your asm file, to make things a bit nicer.

There’s still a lot of work left to do before the RetroBox is "finished", but if you feel like having a go at some RB assembler programming, it’s definitely good enough to start using. The next big step is making the high-level language, which will probably be a bit like BASIC, but more modern and with support for objects/classes etc…

So, download this:

to give it a go, or just to have a look at the source code and see how it’s all put together. And please let me know what you think :-)

Note: If you want to try your hand at some ASM programming for the RB, you’ll need thislist of assembler instructions.

To give you an idea of what assembler for the RetroBox looks like, here’s the full source code for the sample asm-program shown above:


4 Responses to “RetroBox – First Version Released!”

  1. Verious says:

    The sample RetroBox program ran smoothly in Microsoft Virtual PC.

  2. Aaron says:

    It also works smoothly under Wine on Ubuntu 8.10.

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