Pirates – Constructible Strategy Game

I like boardgames that are flexible enough to last a long time, which is a big reason for me liking games like Magic and HeroClix, where you can build your deck/team yourself, and the way you play and what strategies you use depends on how what you’ve constructed. So here’s a game I think is real neat: the Pirates game from WizKidsGames.


Basically, it’s a game where you move your pirate ships around, fighting each other, trying to gather as much treasure (the little gold coin markers) as possible on your home island (the game ends when all the available treasure is on either players home island, and the player with the most gold is the winner). There’s many different types of ships, capable of moving att different rates, and having varying attack capabilities and cargo capacity. As you construct your fleet yourself, there’s lots of opportunity to make any trade-offs you find reasonable.


When you buy the game, it’s in the form of a pack of cards, and each pack contains everything needed for one player (so if you get two packs, you’re good to start playing) – there’s no booster pack. All the game pieces (ships, crew members, gold pieces etc) are done as cut-out pieces on the cards (which are thick plastic cards). I think this is a real nice way of doing it, as it gives you nice three-dimensional playing pieces at a quite low cost (compared to other collectible miniature games). You even get three miniature dice, and a map (with rules printed on the back) with every pack.

It’s definitely worth giving this game a go, especially considering the low cost to get started.You can get it here.

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