Monopoly – The *Card* Game

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Monopoly – it’s a nice game, but not a favorite – and I certainly don’t get the point of all these customized Monopoly games. You know, the ones with themes from popular movies, cartoons etc. So, I was a little bit wary about this game when I saw it in the store: Monopoly the Card Game ?!


As it turned out, it’s a great little game. Basically, the goal is to be the first player to reach £10,000 (yeah, it’s the british edition), and you gain money by collecting the best set of cards you can on each game round.


In the game, each player has 10 cards on the hand, and on each turn, he may choose to either draw a card from the draw pile, or trade cards from his own discard pile with another players discard pile. At the end of the turn, you need to discard any surplus cards, so you are left with only 10.


If you manage to get a full hand, you may, at the start of your turn, say "Monopoly", thereby ending the game. A full hand means that all your cards are part of a full set – you must have the full set of all the streets you have, and fill the rest of the hand with non-street cards.

When a player have said "Monopoly", the game immediately ends, and he gets to draw 5 extra cards and add them to his hand. A total sum of money is then calculated for each player, by adding up the amounts on the cards of their hand, and added to their total pool of money.

As with many great games, the basic principle is simple, and the fun comes from learning all the details – the monopoly card game have a bunch of special cards, like the Token (which can change value depending on the rest of your hand) and the Chance cards (which can count as any card you like, but if you’re not the first to say "Monopoly" at the end, it makes your entire hand worthless). There’s also quite a bit of strategy involved in how you draw, trade and discard, in order to get the best out of it for yourself while trying to mess things up for your opponent.

A great game, and I thoroughly recommed it (you can get it here).

3 Responses to “Monopoly – The *Card* Game”

  1. Verious says:

    That looks like an interesting spin on a traditional game (and much more portable).

  2. Mattias says:

    Yeah, as you can see from the battered box, this game have been around and about a bit :-)

    When me and my wife goes away, we often take this game with us, and play it when there’s some time to kill…

  3. Augushta says:

    Is there anybody who can explain this came to me step by step… also what is the money for? I sort of get it, but not 100% … please email me on

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