This game has Teen Content. Rated by TIGRS™
Strong Language


This is undoubtedly the most ambitious Colossus game so far. At a total of five levels, this wicked rythm-game will have you jumping in your seat, as you control the car in sync with the excellent soundtrack from nerdcore legends ytcracker and MC Plus+.

The levels are set in multiple locations, decorated with graffiti art by legendary graffiti artist Skize, the animations are smooth and the Bear himself is the coolest homebear on the block.

I’d like to give a big thanks to the people who supplied me with music for the game: without you, this project would never have been done:

YTCRACKER – find more of his excellent music at www.ytcracker.com

MC PLUS+ – find more of his excellent music at www.mcplusplus.com

PINGOSIMON – the great title music: pingosimon.googlepages.com

SKIZE – see more of his excellent art at: www.skize.se

lowriderz_screen4 lowriderz_screen2 lowriderz_screen3 lowriderz_screen5 lowriderz_screen1 lowriderz_screen6

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