Fighting Game – Oldshool Style

As I’ve talked about before, I’m a big fan of oldshool fighting games, like Way of the Exploding Fist or International Karate. I’ve always wanted to make a fighting game, and so I’ve now added one to my ever growing portfolio of "current projects".


I’ve spent a bit of time playing around with some oriental/martial arts related models, and done a couple of quick renders to test things out, and I thought I’d post them here, and maybe get some feedback.


The game itself will be a classic 2D fighting game, where timing and distance will be the key factors for success or failure. There won’t be any combos or frantic button pressing; instead, there will be well-timed, measured punches and kicks, delivered in just the right way to thwart your opponent. There also won’t be lots of characters with special moves – we’ll have exactly two visually distinct fighers with an identical set of moves, just like it should be :-)

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  1. Verious says:

    The test renders look fantastic! I really like the atmosphere in the dojo with the way the shadows fall on the players. It adds a lot of depth to the environment.Have you given any thought to what the user interface will look like at this point?

  2. Mattias says:

    Thanks! :-)

    Yeah, the shadows falling on the characters look quite nice, and I think I’ll have them in the game as well, unless they feel like they are too distracting when playing.

    I haven’t really thought about UI yet… suggestions are welcome 😀

  3. Carlos Cardenas says:

    Way to go matt, ohh and happy new year

  4. Verious says:

    Have you made any further progress on this game?

  5. Mattias says:

    Actually, I haven’t touched it since I made these mockups… I think I mentioned in another post that I have recently taken a long, hard look at my current projects, and chosen just a couple of them to focus my attention on for the next few months, and this fighting game didn’t make the cut. I might well pick it up again at some time in the future, but for now, I’d rather focus my attention on other types of games (I’m working on an RPG game which I think will turn out real nice :D)

  6. Shaun says:

    Challenge: A 3d fighter… even one that sucks. There aren’t enough open source 3d fighters, someone needs . Actually, if you skip art alltogether and just create a 3D fighter with capsules (swept spheres) and spheres… it would be kinda awesome. in XNA… it’s not to be found.There’s already a few open source 2d fighters out there.Poser content manager looks awesome too… what’s the license? I’m just double checking before I try the code… I’m thinking of integrating it with a game engine as a content management system. (P.S. Please e-mail me when you reply).Good luck with your current games. For creating a rpg style game, I have something I call sliding window theory, it’s a generalization of a probabilistic rule… or a dice roll. Basically, you adjust the location of a window of possible options and select options within that window. Theoretically you could use multiple windows (3d6) to create a bell-curve. It’s just a way to generalize. I thought you might find it useful in code.

  7. Mattias says:

    But 3D fighting games are no fun! I really wouldn’t want to make one of them 😛

    XNA is nice to develop with, but have so many problems when it comes to distribution, that I pity the fool who use it…

    Poser content manager is public domain – means you can use it for anything with no conditions – it’s like we all own it. Same for my Pixie game engine and my games source code.

    Thanks for sharing your RPG idea – let us know if you come around to implementing it, would be interesting to see.

  8. Shaun says:

    Thanks, downloading poser content manager now.The sliding window theory is generic, I forgot I’d shared it with anyone. It doesn’t necessarily need to be implemented, it can be used as a game design tool.As for your game… hmm… I generally prefer rock paper scissors characters. 3 distinct styles, in two or 3 sets. (6 or 9 characters). Each one designated rock, paper, and scissors. Rock is heavy offense and has combo breaks, paper is durable (and probably regenerates slowly up to a total of half it’s health bar), and scissors is fast. I’d actually have the regeneration occur from the bottom so it was obvious, it’d be green incroaching on the red.Anyway… your game design is practical… I wished games were like that once… but then I played one. It’s fundamentally flawed once you take into account that people will be playing it. It’d be good for a PVP tournament mode… but if you really like 2d fighting games, make one for fun… make it goofy, and silly, and rediculous, and learn to balance it. It ends up more enjoyable for the player.

  9. Shaun says:

    Critique based on Kung-Fu Man vs. Kung-Fu-Man.

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