Character from my new RPG

The last couple of weeks (in between studying for my exam :P) I’ve been working on a new project, a quite hardcore (p&p style heavy number crunching) fantasy RPG. I won’t go into much details about it yet, but it’s progressing rather well, and I’ll keep posting little bits about it here as I go along.

Here’s a little preview, one of the characters from the game:


The game will (as usual) be free, and I’ll make the source code public domain (again, as usual) so that it may (potentially) be of some use to others :-)

4 Responses to “Character from my new RPG”

  1. Erik says:

    Will the game have similar music like the one in “Midwinter Rites” ? Love that music!

  2. Verious says:

    An eye for an eye? :)

  3. Mattias says:

    :-) Eye-patches are great, can’t have too many of ’em 😀

  4. Random says:

    I like the pouch on his belt. Not too often people throw in details like that :)

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