48 hour Sidescrolling RPG Competition


RPGDX is having another one of their friendly mini-competitions, where you’re trying to make games (mostly RPGs) in a limited time period. The competitions are just for fun, and you don’t win anything besides the bragging rights… and the winner is voted by the participants.

This time, the theme of the competition is to make a sidescrolling RPG in 48 hours, and is set for August 15-16. Basicly, you start when you wake up on saturday morning, and try to finish something before going to bed at sunday night, and you do as much as you want to in between. You can use any engine, tool or language you like, and for any platform.

As 48 hours is a rather short time to make a game, it usually results in quite small games, and it is important to stay focused. It is a great learning experience: having to make quick decisions, stick to them and not be too particular with what you do – the important thing is to have something playable in the end.

More details about the competition can be found here:http://forums.rpgdx.net/viewtopic.php?t=2237

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