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Sunday, June 6th, 2010

This weekend, I spent in Cambridge at TIGJamUK3 an indie game dev get-together of about 30 people, where we came up with weird themes and tried to make games designed around them in only 2-3 hours each!

Lot’s of good fun, and I managed the deadline for the three jams I participated in (I tend to have to stay so focused when making a game in such a short time period that my brain gets fried, and then I have to rest for a bit :P)

For the first game, the theme was either "Fish" or "Summer & Heat" – or a combination of both, at your choice. There was a conversation about sharks, in regards to the "Fish" theme (with Terry showing pictures of "invisible sharks"), and I recalled a terrible movie I saw once (Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus) and quickly decided on a fighting game with a shark and an octopus. Coming up with the idea for these things are usually quite a challenge, as you can’t ponder for too long, so you sort of have to stick with the first one you get and try to make it work.

The result, three hours and a couple of extra minutes later:



For the next jam, the theme was either "Camera" or "Antidepressants" – or a combination of the two. This time, we decided on only two hours time limit. I felt warmed up at this point and decided to do a combination of the two, and also to push myself a bit and try to draw stuff myself instead of using Poser – something I’m not used to doing at all!

The result of this one, which I managed comfortably within the two hour time limit:



For the last jam I did, the theme was "White hole" or "Staying awake", or a combination of the two. I went with "Staying awake", and the time limit was three hours. I aimed WAY too high with this one, and took about 20 minutes extra to just wrap up what I had into *something* at least – it’s a game where you have to stay awake or you endup in a nightmare place.



All in all, a fun weekend, and it was good to finally meet some of the people I’ve gotten to know through various forums! Thanks to the organisers and everyone involved.