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New Characters for Jade Figurines

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

I’ve been making some more characters for my Jade Figurines game recently, so just thought I’d post some pics of them, along with some close-ups of some of the characters which is already in the game:
First up, a captain for the Watch, to go along with the guards – a bit tougher, a bit meaner: 
jade_watchcaptain jade_watchman
Also, another wizard (the story I have in mind calls for two of ’em): 
jade_goodwizard jade_evilwizard
I’m also going to have elves in the game. Now, elves are quite different from humans, and have their own agenda – you can never fully trust them, and they are as often an ally as they are your enemy: 
And finally, I’m having Orcs as well – but not your ordinary "hordes of darkness and evil" Orcs, but rather a wild and primitive people, proud warriors who fights fiercely and have their own culture and values, but are not outright evil: 
There’s more to come, of course, but these are the latest additions…