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Escape from the Dungeon

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

Here’s a little game I’ve been working on for a while, on and off.


It’s called "Escape from the Dungeon", and the back story is this: three adventurers (a man, a woman and a dwarf) have been split up while exploring a dungeon, and the player controls all three (can switch at any time he like).


The three characters start at different positions in the dungeon, and you simply need to bring the three together and hit the nearest exit.


Initially, I started this because I just wanted to playaround with generating random dungeons, and after I had done the room generation, I sort of got stuck and didn’t know what to do with it, and only recently got moving with it again.


There’s going to be monsters too, like this:


There’s an early demo of the game here:

Escape from the Dungeon – Demo

The controls are cursor keys to move, TAB to bring up the map. 1,2,3 to change character (or click their portrait)

The characters start some distance away, and sometimes it’s a bit tricky to find a way to bring them together. There’s no monsters yet, and there’s not even an exit for you to find, but it’ll all get added in due time.


So, I would very much appreciate any feedback/thoughts on this. Don’t hesitate to point out things that don’t look right or which you just don’t like – anything that can help me improve things :-)