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Parachute – A Game&Watch Tribute

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

Do you remember the old Game & Watch games? The little handheld one-game toys with simple and fun games? There was one called Parachute, which was one of my favourites.

Sometimes it’s fun to throw something quick and easy together, so I did a simple remake for Windows:


You can download it here:

Download Parachute here

And as usual, the source code for the game is public domain, and available here:

Download parachute source code

The original game looked like this:


And I’ve tried to stay faithful to the original, at least the way I remember it… but it was so long ago 😛

Btw, thanks to my old friend Per Ekengren for the music, which he made years and years ago…

100 Faces

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Over the last week, I’ve been taking a long hard look at all the projects I’m working on. Turns out that it’s just over 50 different things I’m working on, and that’s too much even for a student with no pressure to finish anything 😛 So I’ve stoved away the majority of them for later, and I’m now focusing on a total of 5 projects, which is much more reasonable…

I’m sure I will be telling you more about the individual projects later on, but for now I thought I’d show what I’ve been up to for the last couple of days:


One of the games I’m working on requires lots of portrait pictures of people of all types and ages. As the recent versions of Poser have scripting abilities, I’ve composed a script which will generate and render lots of different characters automatically. The image above shows the first proper batch of 100, and while not perfect, they’re pretty good enough for the effort involved in making them: One single click of a button, and out pops a hundred faces 😀 Next up is to do the same for female characters.

This is fun stuff to mess about with :-)