Mattias Gustavsson

I make games - usually with a retro feel to them, and with focus on story and dialogue.


April 2015

It has been a bad month. Couple of bum deals, now you owe Fat Tony more than you can pay. And everyone pays their debts to Fat Tony, one way or another. They say you have 24 hours to come up with the dosh. Or else.

"Extrication" is a small point-and-click style adventure game, where you take the role of a small-time crook trying to escape a messed up situation.

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The Strangler

July 2011

Tom O'Reilly, private investigator, has had a rough time of late, losing himself in a bottle more days than not. When a new case lands in his lap, he hopes it will provide him the opportunity to once more be useful and have a purpose.

"The Strangler" is a short point-and-click adventure, made for a month-long game jam, where the theme was "Justice".

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